Equity Trading


  1. Dedicated Domestic and International Trading Desks
  2. High Touch and Low Touch
  3. Advanced Domestic and International Equity Trading Platforms
  4. Program and Electronic Trading
  5. Pre Trade and Post Trade Analytics
  6. Direct Market Access to Exchanges, Market Centers and Dark Crossing Networks   
  7. Diverse Selection of Algorithms
  8. Customizable FIX complaint applications 
  9. Fixed-Income Trading   
  10. US Options and ADR’s 
  11. Corporate Announced Stock Buy-backs


Global Equity Execution and Middle and Back Office Support


•Experienced Trading Team with in-depth knowledge of the industry 

•Market color providing our clients with impactful news & events worldwide.

•International Trading: A single point of contact access All World Markets on 6 continents.

•Complete Client Anonymity, execution though multiple trading & clearing channels per country.

•Access to all forms of liquidity: primary/regional markets, dark pools, crossing networks & naturals.

•Best Execution: Ability to consistently obtain the best price for client orders.

•Fully Compliant Fix integrated State-of-the-art trading technology.

•We provide full STP (from order receipt though allocation and settlement) 

•Exceptional Middle & Back-office support 

•Settle & Allocate orders using Alert, OASYS, CTM, file transfer or e‐mail

•Customized reports tailored to the needs of each client, in the format requested by the client:

•Statements and confirmations

•Receive Pre‐Trade & Post‐Trade analytics

•block order recap, allocation recap

•clearance and settlement detail

•monthly execution reports

•Soft Dollar Services

•Diversity Spend Reporting