Options Trading


  1. Dedicated Options Desk
  2. Trade Execution In Major Markets
  3. Option Consulting
  4. High Touch Option Strategy Design
  5. Simulations
  6. Option Portfolio Solutions  


Types of Strategies Offered



•Vertical Butterfly




•Wealth Preservation

•Opportunistic Trading

•Dynamic Exposure

•Ratio Writes

•Call Writing

•Put Writing

•Covered Strategies 


•Safety and Control




Our Approach




•High Touch 

•Customization to meet clients criteria

•Rigorous risk management, transparency

•Technical analysis


Options are not suitable for all investors. The risk for a buyer of an option, a put or a call is the loss of the entire investment in a relatively short period of time as the optioned stock must rise above the “strike” price in the case of a call, or fall below the “strike” price in the case of a put by the expiration date for the option to have any value.