Who We Are

My family has been in the brokerage business for over 50 years.  Growing up around equity and options trading desks I knew that I wanted to work in the financial industry.   

In 2004 we founded The Fig Group, an agency only independent financial firm that specializes in Global Equity Executions and Options Overlay Management.

Our independence has given us the opportunity to build a strong team of seasoned brokers and portfolio managers as well as offer products to our clients that best fit their needs.

Fig strives to bring about positive social,  environmental, or governmental change through our business.  We make all of our business decisions with the good in mind.  From the systems we use to conduct our business to the people we work with. 

We are now going on our 15th year in business and are fortunate to have assembled a highly skilled team of professionals who have the experience, capabilities and knowledge to achieve the best possible execution for our customers. 

Our clients choose Fig because we are consistent in our performance, we provide quality work, we exceed customers expectations, we are competitive and we care. 

Emily Messerschmitt


Sustainability and Impact Initiatives

Fig consciously strives to be a sustainable broker dealer. We have consciously made a commitment to serving our environment and world as well as our brokers and our staff. 

We try to set a minimal negative impact on our local environment, community,  society and economy. We work on focusing on the triple bottom  line; people, planet, profit. At Fig, we do our best to incorporate principles  of sustainability into each of our business decisions.

Energy Use

We've installed the latest voice over IP solutions with redundancy to safeguard against Internet and Phone Outages. 

We use LED lights in the office and encourage everyone to turn off all lights when they are not in use

Carpooling to work is not only better for the environment but encourages comradery

We encourage telecommuting whenever possible.

As a regional broker dealer we have satellite offices around the country and encourage brokers to work in shared spaces if not cost efficient work spaces. 


We follow strict  guidelines for recycling in our office with multiple dumpsters on site  to get the recycled material to facilities where they can be reused and  dumped into landfills. 


As a sustainable business we also focus on people.  We encourage our Fig Family to work on self-wellness and health by encouraging breaks when needed and lunch time walks. 


As a company, our ultimate goals are aligned with the intention to bring about positive social,  environmental, or governmental change through our business.  We volunteer our efforts in the community, educating young minds on how to invest for their futures. Our President mentors young women that have graduated from college or graduate school that are interested in working in the financial services industry and our firm puts our clients before our profits by offering free annual financial health check ups.