Our Clients

Investment Managers who have trading mandates for the plans they are managing.

Equity Managers who are looking for a team that specializes in trading the Asian Markets.  

Quant Managers that are looking for a extension to their trading desk.

Portfolio Managers that run monies for banks, pensions, foundations and endowments. 

Money Managers that are looking to enhance their returns on their portfolios.

Individuals looking for cash flow.

With over 70 years plus of combined experience on wall street, our clients choose Fig because we are experts in all types of markets: bullish to bearish and provide customized strategies to meet their needs. 

Our team is dedicated.  We understand today's complex global markets and constantly strive to develop new and more efficient ways to improve services to our clients.

Today our firm offers US and International Agency Only Equity trading services, High Touch Options Strategies, Best execution, Electronic Algorithmic Trading, Soft Dollar Services as well as conference calls and onsite visits with our options expert, equity traders and market technicians.