Why Work with Us

Knowledge and Experience:  We are a combined group of equity, options and fixed income traders, technical market strategist, fundamental strategist and institutional sales and marketing professionals. We have over 70 years plus of combined experience in the financial services industry and have worked in 10 different market cycles. With our knowledge and dedication to service we strive to help our clients find the best financial solutions they are looking for while providing a high and professional level of customer service.  

Leveraging Resources:  Throughout our experiences in the industry, we understand the importance of Relationships. Our dedication and commitment to best practices has given us the opportunity to forge strong commission management and directed brokerage relationships for our Institutional Managers. We are firmly committed to best execution as a priority.  

Strategies and Solutions:  We offer customized high touch option strategies designed to provide both cash flow or total returns to the clients portfolios. Fig is unique in that is provides both technical and fundamental analysis to the strategies. We run simulations on our clients portfolios and have a proprietory software that allows us to allocate over SMA accounts. We can work with asset managers or Fig can provide asset management services for the clients in house.   

Risk Mitigation:  Fig offers non market correlated investments to the equity or fixed income markets while reducing volatility to the client’s total portfolio.